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If you would like to give a testimonial about Sifu Derek Vernon and Temple Gym Martial Arts

Please contact us, we like to hear from you  

I began my training whilst at university in 1997. Through Sifu Vernon's teachings I have gained skills in Wing Chun  Kung Fu which has subsequently developed into my everyday life. With every stage and achievement in my life since I can honestly say that it has been aided by this focus and attitude that developed as I trained with Sifu Vernon at Temple Gym. It has been a great experience and I whole heartily recommend to anybody to train within this excellent school. Thank You Sifu.


Daniel Willers MA, BA Hons   United Kingdom



Sifu Derek Vernon, I cannot express enough gratitude and respect for your teaching of discipline and perseverance. Till this day The Tenants of "Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable spirit" runs through my mind and action. I still practice my forms  which helps my mind and body to remain focused. I have a lot of respect for you.

Dr. Yan Linderma Sweden

​I have been studying martial arts for nearly sixty years starting with judo followed by karate and eventually leading to Wing Chun almost thirty years ago.  Upon retiring as a Bank Manager in 1996 i moved down to Paignton and was very worried that i would be unable to continue with Wing Chun. Fortunately  i discovered Temple Gym in Torquay under Sifu Derek Vernon.
I have been studying with my Sifu Derek Vernon since then and he has helped me to progress along the never ending road of Wing Chun.  Although now in my early 70s i am still progressing due
enot only to my Sifu's professionalism and guidance but also his sensitivity towards some one of my age - after so many years i count him not only as my Sifu but also a valued friend.

Neil Sterrett   9th November 2012   United Kingdom


Temple Gym Martial Arts Centre has shaped the way I think about martial arts in terms of its diverasity in training and teaching methods. Having trained in various styles prior to entering the gym, I was blown away by the knowledge and abilities of Sifu Derek Vernon and his team of black belts. The facilities and stories that make this gym unique are heightened by the fact that it is a well kept secret in the Wing Chun and broader martial arts world. I was a regular member of Temply Gym for seven years, and after three years of being away we still keep in regular contact, as the family bond between members is ever strong. I highly recommend Temple Gym and its associate academies for people who wish to learn high quality martial arts taught in a supportive and passionate environment.

George Jennings BSc, MSc, PhD Sport and Health Sciences  Mexico  



"May the truth of these words awaken transcendent wisdom and great heart of compassion in all beings. May they bring blessings to all"


I have been training at Temple gym for over 6 months now and its a great place ​to Train Wing Chun, Master Vernon has Great skills when its comes to teaching Wing Chun. He has patience of a saint lol and  makes you want to work hard to get to a standard were it becomes part of you. If you get the chance then train with Master Vernon you will never regret it.  


Aaron Attenborough /  Tele sales   United Kingdom 


​I have trained with Sifu Vernon for over 20 years . He is an fantastic teacher and has become my friend . Anyone wanting to learn this amazing fighting system would do well to learn from Sifu Vernon . To have someone of his skill living in Torbay is unbelievable . Come and take this opportunity if you want to learn how to defend yourself and learn self control . I did over 20 years ago and haven't looked back . Thanks Sifu .


Gary Bond / owner at Leisrue 2000   United Kingdom 



My testimonial Sifu.


Thank you Derek, I’m so pleased with your Wing Chun classes. My confidence, physical health and general well-being have really grown since I’ve been training with you; and I find your teaching style and incredible patience and humility creates a safe space for me to learn and grow. It’s amazing that 28 years ago we were best friends and used to do martial arts together and our paths went in separate direction; and now they’ve come back together and your my Martial Arts teacher, and one of the best in your field from my research; which I’m not surprised about as you were always very determined to achieve and be the best you could be. I’m very proud of your achievements and the Doctorate you gained and never tell people about. Good on you Derek. I look forward to many years of training with you. Hopefully all the way to black belt! : )


Vincent Grant /  Child Soical Servirces /  United Kingdom​




"wing chun kickboxing martial arts Classes, Torquay Exeter Devon
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